Intelligence as a Superconcept

What a joy it was yesterday to finally share my journey and learning in my first time as a guest lecturer at UCL university, sharing intelligence as a super concept. The video will come soon… What I want to articulate here is my response to the great, open... read more

The Gift of Creative Belief

I cannot tell you the joy I feel when I struggle to utter a murmuring of something new bubbling up inside me, a new risk, pursuit or odd interest and someone actually hears you! Not blocked by their own preconceived ideas of you, or them, or perceived success or... read more

Notes on a Founding Journey

A Founders Journey.  I’ve had these notes for 6 months, I guess I was writing a talk or a book but never shipped it, so now I found it, I am shipping – If you want more information please let me know, be happy to elaborate, just ping me on twitter... read more


Last night I was overwhelmed, this morning I cried in the shower, then I wrote these words. ——– We need a New Story Today I am shocked by the cataclysmic change that has occurred during my sleep as I wake in Los Angeles. I see a country who outside... read more

Solvey Hopeful

This is one of many emails I have received recently preceding the opening of the solvey application window… Check Raymond out he is amazing I hope he submits a video along with a bunch of others! *he gave me permission to share this! — Dear... read more


YOUTUBERS LAUNCH WORLD’S FIRST GLOBAL TALENT SEARCH  #1 Travel youtuber Louis Cole ( and social entrepreneur Dave Erasmus ( Friday 1st April 2016 launch Solvey (, the world’s first search for... read more

Dave & Bleu

So I wrote a post a few days ago called Notes on Work Check it here : And then AlphaGo smashed up Lee Sedol 4-1 at Go and all of Asia watched. Check it here... read more

Notes on Work

In a conversation with Alonso Vera a PhD in Machine Intelligence and Head of Computer – Human interaction at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley we came to the idea that there are 3 layers of work. 1. Ideation 2. Analysis 3. Execution The philosophical dilemmas and... read more

Getting to my edge

I have been on a very personal journey of learning about how intelligence works, what the world believes about intelligence, and the state of machine intelligence. This was my first ‘public’ conversation about it and with the magic of editing the final... read more