Natural Language

The below blog was last edited on July 25 2016, referencing an experience 18 months before – I guess I didn’t have the balls to post it! – well hear it is 🙂 18 months ago I had a life shaping revelation I took a journey to Costa rica and made my way... read more


An article I never posted at the beginning of V1 Friends & Family, I’ve been away…. I haven’t been able to articulate easily what I am doing, as for the first time I haven’t had clear goals, I’ve started from scratch. I tried to let... read more

Intelligence as a Superconcept

What a joy it was yesterday to finally share my journey and learning in my first time as a guest lecturer at UCL university, sharing intelligence as a super concept. The video will come soon… What I want to articulate here is my response to the great, open... read more

The Gift of Creative Belief

I cannot tell you the joy I feel when I struggle to utter a murmuring of something new bubbling up inside me, a new risk, pursuit or odd interest and someone actually hears you! Not blocked by their own preconceived ideas of you, or them, or perceived success or... read more

Notes on a Founding Journey

A Founders Journey.  I’ve had these notes for 6 months, I guess I was writing a talk or a book but never shipped it, so now I found it, I am shipping 🙂 – If you want more information please let me know, be happy to elaborate, just ping me on twitter... read more


Last night I was overwhelmed, this morning I cried in the shower, then I wrote these words. ——– We need a New Story Today I am shocked by the cataclysmic change that has occurred during my sleep as I wake in Los Angeles. I see a country who outside... read more

Solvey Hopeful

This is one of many emails I have received recently preceding the opening of the solvey application window… Check Raymond out he is amazing 🙂 I hope he submits a video along with a bunch of others! *he gave me permission to share this! — Dear... read more


YOUTUBERS LAUNCH WORLD’S FIRST GLOBAL TALENT SEARCH  #1 Travel youtuber Louis Cole ( and social entrepreneur Dave Erasmus ( Friday 1st April 2016 launch Solvey (, the world’s first search for... read more

Dave & Bleu

So I wrote a post a few days ago called Notes on Work Check it here : And then AlphaGo smashed up Lee Sedol 4-1 at Go and all of Asia watched. Check it here... read more